GPS Technology

Dwire switched to GPS for all of our earthmoving operations in 1999 and went stakeless in 2000 with the first fully automated GPS controlled motorgrader operating in the USA. Since that time we have worked with Trimble to help refine the use of the technology. In 2006, Dwire authorized our personnel to help teach Trimble’s dealers and other contractors in the real world use and application of this technology.

How It Works

It all starts with a set of plans. Today these can be sent electronically through email and paper plans are not necessary. The staff at Dwire then builds a digital model from the plans and performs the quantity takeoff, adjust for sections and details in the plan as well as identifying areas that might have errors.

Next, a DTM (Digital Terrain Model) version of the plans is created that can then be emailed to the machine and loaded on a card. The scrapers, dozers and motorgraders have a computer installed in them and screen in front of the operator displays a picture of the job site, plans and profile. Two antennas mounted outside of the machine receive signals from the satellites as well as a base reference station and relay this information to the
computer. The computer then shows the operator where he is and what the cut/fill is in real time, correcting the information with each pass. When the machine is close to grade the operator can flip a switch and the computer will run the machine on “automatic”.

Benefits of using GPS Survey Capabilities

Dwire also has full GPS Survey capabilities in our pickups that are linked to the office through the internet. This allows our foreman to perform site/plan checks for quantification or verification at anytime. Additionally, crews can be thousands of miles from the office and still receive plan changes or updates at the speed of the internet, directly from the engineer if needed.

With this technology, no job is too remote for fast, accurate updates and changes.

D9 with GPS (2005)

Brand new integrated D9 with GPS (2022)

Dwire again pioneering the testing of a GPS Excavator

GPS Display in our Motor Grader
GPS Display in our Excavator
3D Model of Plans