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D-Graders Win Hearts and Minds

Jeff Dwire featured in Deere & Company April 2007 National Ad Campaign & Website, regarding benefits of machine cab comfort to companies and workers.

Investing In Industry Technology – Proves Wise for Dwire Earthmoving

Dwire Earthmoving, featured in the September, 2007 issue of Colorado Public Works Journal regarding Dwire’s investment in cutting-edge GPS technology.

Construction Biz Gets GPS

Dwire Earthmoving, featured in October 23, 2006 issue of the Colorado Springs Gazette, regarding his role in convincing the Army Corps of Engineers to utilize GPS technology.

Common Sense From an Uncommon Man

Dwire Earthmoving, featured in September 15, 2006 issue of The Colorado Springs Business Journal, regarding the use of GPS technology on military contracts.

Companies Go Green
What you see is what you get at construction sites in Colorado Springs. Those black plumes of smoke billowing out of earth-moving machines create up to 80 percent of the city’s haze.

“If it was a factory polluting like that, people would be up in arms,” said Jeff Dwire, co-owner with his brother Joel of Dwire Earthmoving & Excavating.

Most residents don’t pay attention to that form of air pollution, he said, because it seems to be part and parcel of the industry. El Paso County has no regulations restricting the amount of pollution that construction equipment can release.

But it bothered the Dwire brothers so much they decided to do something about it.

Since 2000, the company that has annual sales of $25 million has invested more than $7 million upgrading its earth-moving machines to run on computercontrolled, low-exhaust emissions diesel engines.

Now, more than half of Dwire’s 30 machines that prepare land for building are virtually smokeless. Dwire estimates his company’s efforts have eliminated the amount of emissions that 20,000 cars would produce on the streets every day.

His company also plans to open a plant to make biodiesel, an alternative fuel, to use in its equipment.

Earth Day article, The Gazette, Friday April 21, 2006 edition

Construction Biz Gets GPS
Dwire Earthmoving & Excavating has paved the way for Fort Carson to do construction business for less and get more accurate results.

The local earthmoving contractor convinced the Army Corps of Engineers that the government was wasting “millions of dollars” by not allowing Global Positioning System technology to be used for earthmoving projects.

The U.S. government refused to electronically release plans and specifications to contractors, until company owner Jeff Dwire filed a complaint and explained why using GPS on earthmovers is good.

It eliminates the need for a surveyor staking the site and relaying the information by hand signals to machine operators. Also, with GPS, everything is emailed and digitized on computer. That accelerates the estimating process.

The Army Corps of Engineers agreed and soon will release electronic plan data for several new Fort Carson construction projects.

And Dwire got a new $4 million contract for its efforts.